It ain’t easy to fix words,
To entertain the world,
To create a smile on a lost soul,
To make someone feel the content.

Sometimes the pieces are boring,
Others can be tearing,
Some are persuasive,
While others are abusive.

You play hard to get,
No one can read your mind,
You’re lost they can’t find you,
‘Cause poetry is your pet.

You write in bad mood,
It becomes an insult to others,
They find it not good  for their souls,
‘Cause, you told them what they don’t want to hear.

You know when it’s a fair piece,
And when it can’t create peace,
You know when to create it,
And when you need to take a break from school it.

It’s a job, you need to persevere,
More practice as you prepare,
To make sure it touched a soul,
And make them feel what you are.


El.Balone is a writer, musician, and CEO of the Balone Fashion Brand. He writes to inspire, you, himself, and all of us. Connect with him on Twitter @lostghostwriter.