When in doubt as to your writing prowess as an indie author (I am an indie author, and a new one at that), keep an open mind. You likely have an AWESOME story, but you want to tell it in the best way possible because you’re competing with thousands of others. That doesn’t mean you can’t publish it, but examine other books written in your genre to make sure the format is similar so the reader doesn’t have trouble following the story. Do as they do.

A few simple rules:

Unless you are writing the story as an omniscient narrator, maintain at most one point of view per chapter, and only tell the reader what the character is experiencing now. Tell the story through their senses.

Only one person’s dialogue per paragraph.

And be open to criticism from other writers. Real criticism. Not the one where everyone pats you on the back or the reviews from readers. Writers have tips they have picked up that work for them, so if they give you any, they are trying to help. You don’t have to agree with them, but don’t hold it against them for making suggestions. It will leave them open to giving you more tips when you have more questions.


  • Looking up basic story structure
  • Beta-readers
  • Professional Editors/Proofreaders
  • Professional Illustrators
  • Whatever you can reasonably afford.

Most of all, write for yourself, and enjoy the process. If it makes you feel any better, I went through my first manuscript 30 times, found mistakes every time, and even after publishing I think of things I could have improved. Move on, write more. Learn. And enjoy.


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