I love being alone
Solitude keeps me sane
I love staying in my little dark room
Where I can keep all my fears and insecurities at bay
I love being in the confines of my walls
Where the only person I converse to is me
Somehow loneliness isn’t much of a bother to me.

I love the sound of silence
The peace and serenity that comes with it
I love the beat of voicelessness, like Whispers in the night.
The sound of my thoughts floating around.
I love the sounds of gentle rains drumming slowly on my roof.

I love the soft hum of nothingness
The solace that comes with the hollow
Somehow this loneliness doesn’t get to me.
In my thoughts, quietly reminiscing on some midnight memories.

Solitude is my solace
At least no one invades my space
I am free to indulge in my weird ways
No one asks me to act with grace
And no one says that all I do is just a phase.

So pardon me for being distant
Pardon me for wanting peace
Somehow in my haze chaos and loneliness
I manage to thrive better 
Sorry my insanity is my sanity
I just love it here.


El.Balone is a writer, musician, and CEO of the Balone Fashion Brand. He writes to inspire, you, himself, and all of us. Connect with him on Twitter @lostghostwriter.