It took me over 20 years to write my first novel. The main reason was being too afraid to let anyone read it. I was always nervous that someone wouldn’t like what I wrote, ending my dream of being an author. Do NOT be afraid.

Find someone in your corner. They could be a family member or a friend. Someone who is there to encourage you no matter what it takes, no matter how many times you want to give up. What helped me was talking to other writers. I found a writing community on social media that I could ask questions and get honest answers.

I remember having issues writing a scene that might be controversial to some people, so I asked other writers. They helped me make the decisions I needed. People in the writing community are strangers, so they are not biased in any way. Like you, they might be having the same issues, so they use the tools available.

Writer’s block is also a problem I have run into many times and seen other writers struggle with this. What has helped me is working on other projects; I usually have two I’m working on at a time. If I am struggling with one project, I move onto another. I want to make sure I am always thinking about my original project, so I don’t get lost.

In the end, don’t give up no matter how frustrating it is. Find your people. Follow other writers on social media; ask questions and answer them too.

All authors and writers have gone through some of the same issues at one point or another in their writing career, hell some are still going through it. Just know you have allies and resources; don’t be afraid to use them. 

Katharine Ann Melton

Katharine Ann Melton is originally from Northern California. She began writing screenplays and poetry at a young age. When she’s not working, you can find her at a winery or brewery, spending time with family and friends, or her nose buried in a good book. She’s an avid coffee drinker while wielding words in her notebooks, creating many different stories of which she has many. Connect with Katharine on Twitter @joy2write21 and check out her website,