Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love


I see you asleep in your bed at night. Tossing. Turning. Anxious and alone. Do you sense me watching? Do you know who’s hovering in the shadows?

I am.

On your way to work, I pursue. I’m at the bar when you consort with friends, and in the next aisle at the store. At the park, enjoying your solace; you’re not alone.  Wherever you go, I follow.

When you share your innermost secrets, I’m listening in. I observe your private moments, though you’re heedless of my presence. Cleansing yourself in the bath, I’m watching you. Naked. Vulnerable. I am never far.

Soon, the unexpected will arrive. You cannot hide from me. When the time comes, I will reach out and take hold. The anticipation burns for when my love will not be forbidden.


You busy yourself with trivial things. Preoccupied and unaware. The routine of life consumes you, eating away at your soul. A presence roams, seeking entrance.

You ignore the signs, oblivious of what prowls in the dark. Ignorant of what lurks out of sight. You scorn the threats and expose yourself to ruin. Vulnerable to the carnage that awaits.

One day soon, you will open the door. The unexpected will find you. Will you let me in? Will the evil enter? I will seize the opportunity to make you mine.


Your helplessness calls out to me from your prison. Trapped, bound, frantic to be free. I watch you. Fear clouds your thoughts, and desperation grips your heart.

You did this. You brought this on yourself. In your ignorance, you forfeited your freedom and surrendered your life. You have no recourse, no escape, but through me. I alone grant freedom.

I see your passion burning within. The thirst wells up in your soul. You desire true love but have forbidden me mine.

The day will come when I hold your heart in my hands.


Your soul is empty and void. You search for meaning, but nothing satisfies. Joy is fleeting, and happiness cannot be grasped.

I gaze into your eyes, but you hide them. You look everywhere but to me, the one who loves you. You resist me. Reject me. Yet I am the one you need.

There are no answers beyond me. No help, no salvation. Freedom is yours, when blood flows.

I hear your whispered prayers and witness tears falling from your eyes. Bloodied anguish sweats from my pours as I watch. Let me free you.

Open your prison gates. Come to me. I am all you need. It’s here that your true desire lies. Do not forbid my love.


I await with patience. Hope fills my heart.

Find me before the evil takes you. I will protect you from those seeking to destroy. Let me comfort your sorrows and wipe away your tears.

I am all you need. I offer you hope and freedom. I will breathe life into your soul and give strength through my joy.

I have released you from your prison. You are free. Free to come to me. I have lived and died for you. My love can never be broken; you only need accept.

Eternity awaits. Endless wonder, joy, and peace. When you choose my love, you will not be forbidden.