My World

My World

Here I am
In a world of my own
People are with me
But I’m all alone

I hear the words
Of those who pass by
They all come and go
While I’m wondering why

There are so few
That are willing to stay
I see them come
And then go away

They say its me
They can’t understand
Slipping away
Letting go of my hand


I find no warmth
In a world so cold
The cards are dealt
But no one can fold

Time keeps going
And leads its own way
But why can’t a friend
Just one – please stay

All through my life
Not one kept the same
No friend that I had
This day does remain

They say I’ve got
Such a long time to go
But a life with no friends
I don’t want to know


My world grows smaller
As days pass on
Waiting for one
Who will bring a new dawn

I rely on the thought
Of believing one day
I will soon find a friend
Coming over my way

One who’ll teach me
To love, laugh, and cry
Who will be there for me
As years pass on by

A friend who’s willing
To forever stay here
And make my world
A world without fear