i luv' yoo

(i luv’ yoo)

I•Love•You (i luv’ yoo) v. [When I Say Those Words.] 1. I care about you. 2. I will put you above myself. 3. I will do my best to provide for your needs. 4. I will never walk out on you. 5. I will always be here for you. 6. I will listen to you. 7. I am your shoulder to cry on. 8. I will be your best friend. 9. I want to always be near you. 10. I want to give you what you like. 11. I want to keep from you what you hate. 12. I want to correct what upsets you. 13. I want to wipe the tears from your eyes. 14. I’m hear to laugh with you. 15. I’m here to cry with you. 16. I will protect you. 17. At times I will smother you. 18. I will always try to understand your feelings. 19. I will try my best to change. 20. I will always try to make you happy. 21. I will never purposely hurt you. 22. I will never mean to upset you. 23. I will do my best to make you smile. 24. I will put your needs above mine. 25. I will build you up. 26. I will not tear you down. 27. I will not be selfish. 28. I will always stand by your side. 29. I am devoted to you. 30. I adore you. 31. I will cherish you.