God Gave You to Me

God Gave You to Me

I asked the Lord one day to make my prayers come true
I asked if I could fall in love and if I could with you

I told Him how our friendship had grown in just a short, short time
And how I hoped for so much more if only you were mine

Now with many days behind us and many more before
It gives me hope of many years to look into the eyes I adore

It’s said “Absence make the heart grow fonder,” and I hope this is right
For I do not plan to give you up without putting up a fight

I long for a day our hearts grow close as if they are one
But what I want more than that is our friendship always fun

I told my Lord all about how you could make me smile
And all the things you’ve done for me that makes loving you worthwhile.

God listened patiently for me to have my say
Then spoke softly to my heart and said “Son, just obey.”

He didn’t answer “Yes” – The word I wanted to hear
He didn’t answer “No” but said “It’s me I want you near.”

I thought long and hard about those words he had to say
He wanted me to give you up letting Him lead the way.

He said “I’ll give to you your hearts desires if just you’ll follow me”
It was then that I saw it – my eyes could finally see…

God Gave You to Me!