Coudn't Be the One

Couldn’t Be the One

You were never longing
For another chance
Love came and went
And took it’s last dance
No more looking forward
You can’t look behind
Life has no offer
No undo or rewind
I wasn’t there to witness
The harm that was done
I was only hoping
I could be the one

Bitter disappointments
Fog your weary eyes
Stung by the burdens
Of other people’s lies
You seek a surer path
That honors what is right
Where you can be yourself
Without putting up a fight
I came into your life
With quirky, laughs and fun
I gave myself to you
So I could be the one

No more compromises
Just your way of life
Successful to avoid
Undesired strife
A thoroughly broken heart
No one it can mend
Determined to be alone
Through the bitter end
My past is hard to swallow
Acceptable to none
I’m so very sorry
I couldn’t be the one