Down to Earth

License to K’ill

Jesus Christ died in sacrifice
His blood was shed for all man’s life
On that day – right at that time
I became His now He is mine

Through the power I get from Him
I have control to always win
With God’s power and through His will
I can kill all that gets ill

If you ever see me out on the street
You better get movin’ – jam on your feet
Prepare to listen or give me room
‘Cause I’m gonna tell you Christ is coming soon
You need JC in your heart
So your life can make a brand new start
Take control of your life – stop gettin’ ill
Let Jesus Christ give his fill
He’s got the blessings and all power
They stack higher than any tower

If you don’t like what I’m sayin’
You better step back ‘cause I’m gonna start prayin’
I’ll pray that you will see the light
Take a look at your life and get it right
You can kill the ill that you got stored
Through a power that’s from the Lord
Without Jesus your soul will you sell
To the one who lives in the depths of Hell
Put away all your foolish pride
Open up your heart – let Him inside

God works through us – He will use us
We never get ill – Got a License To K’ill

He loves you so much that He sent His son
It was then that the battle was won
It all started at His virgin birth
And it’ll end when he comes back Down To Earth
So I’ll be gettin right in your face
And cast out demons if that’s the case
I’m preaching to a world whose hearts are hard
And I’m gonna start in my own backyard
On the streets you’ll see me there
Bible in hand – praisin’ God in prayer

So listen to me and what I say
Got a License To K’ill – that’s a license to pray

I ain’t sayin’ I’m perfect as God
I do mess up – it sure ain’t odd
But there’s a difference and its in my heart
It’s the big JC – where it all starts
I read my Bible, pray every day
With God’s power I do it His way
Wanna let you know that God is forgiving
No matter how bad that you’ve been living
Seek Him daily and do his will
And you can have a License to K’ill

We’ll go to the streets and tell the nation
That we have received God’s Salvation
And if we don’t like what they do
They can be sure that it’ll come through
From our mouths to their ears
That Jesus is forever not just a few years
His is the beginning and the end
Stop what you’re doing and your heart He’ll mend
You will be forgiven of all your sin
And you will know your choice did win

If you continue to do His will
You can have a License To K’ill