Down to Earth

Down to Earth

Stoney G is here with a hard-core rhyme
If you held your breath, I’m just in time
You better listen up and don’t be dissin’
This may be the word that you’ve been missin’
I’m here a disciple of Christ
If you follow Him you’ll have Eternal Life
Not the living Death we know as life
But Life after death – can you say “All Right”
Life in Heaven is what I’m talkin’ about
Not the life in Hell where you’ll scream and shout
Tears of pain rollin’ down your face
Or tears of joy – you choose the place
Jesus Christ died for one and all
What are you doin’ get on the ball
Go to the streets and preach the Truth
With God’s help we can save the youth

You’re runnin’ out of time – so I’ll do my rhyme
To neglect God’s Word – is a crime

Christ is coming
Christ is coming
Christ is coming
Down… To Earth

The day is getting near to meet Jesus in the sky
Accept Him today – it’s do or die
I live a life that’s holy in Him
I live for God not live in sin
The road of sin is straight to Hell
Don’t toe the line ‘cause it don’t sell
The Christian life is black or white
There ain’t no gray in Eternal Life
Ya gotta be ready when Christ returns
Or you will know how hot hell burns
God is as simple as one, two, and three
Open up and listen… (and you’ll believe)

Christ is coming (down)
Christ is coming (down)
Christ is coming (down)
Down… To Earth

Christ is comin’ back that time will be def
You’re gonna get right or you’re gonna get left
We got a hard-core rhyme ‘bout a hard-core time
If you dis me now you’re steppin’ out of line

For in our weakness He is strong
I know in my heart to Him I belong
When He cracks the sky I’ll go away with Him
By the Blood of the Lamb I’m free from all sin

He’ll take me away into the sky
When you’ve got the Blessed Hope who needs to get high?
I’ve been born again & through that re-birth
I’m goin’ up with Christ – He’s comin’ Down to Earth

Listen to my rhyme and what I say
The Lord may return this very day
Tell your friends – tell the youth
That Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Truth
He is the Life He is the Way
Accept Him now and turn not astray
Praise and worship His holy name
If you dis the Lord, man, you’re insane
Get on your knees and start to pray
He’ll give you strength throughout the day
Tell your friends about the Lord
And about the treasures He has stored

He’s comin’ again – we don’t know when
Turn your life around – get straight with Him