I once had a dream
About a girl like you
Always loving
Faithful, and true

A face of beauty
With eyes that could stun
A body and mind
That were second to none

When she said “I love you”
I could not believe
Her eyes were looking
Directly at me

I knew it was a dream
I didn’t want to end
Not only did she love me
She was also my friend


The fun that we had
Was above and beyond
Any fun one could have
That wasn’t from God

So it must’ve been Him
That started my dream
He placed her there
Or so it may seem

I enjoyed the times
We had spent here and there
I knew it was the only
Time we would share

She would pass with the other
Dreams in my mind
Little did I know
What I would wake up to find


It wasn’t the dream
Which I thought that it was
She was so real
And so was the love

With the time we had spent
Who could be blamed
For wanting the love
To forever remain

The fun and the laughs
the jokes and the tears
I felt like I’ve known her
through all of my years

This is no dream
I know its all true
And now I can see
that the girl is you