Sometimes I’m afraid to put my hand in yours
That it might ignite a spark of desire
Will you embrace or let it fall away
An uncertainty of what may transpire?

Sometimes I’m afraid to hold you in my arms
That I might hunger passion’s kiss
Will you pull away and go on about
My affection that you should dismiss?

Sometimes I’m afraid to get close at night
That I might want to touch you even more
Will you be encumbered from stresses of the day
A rejection I’m fearful to explore

Sometimes I’m afraid to tell you how I feel
That my words you’ll not be in the mood
Are you acceptable to my open thoughts
Or some nonsense not to be withstood?

Sometimes I’m afraid your love is fading
In me you have no interest or appeal
Will I find a way to ignite the flames of love
And a passion once more unseal?

Sometimes I’m afraid I’m not what you deserve
That there’s more I’m not able to provide
I strive to be the husband that fills your every need
That I might be wanted by your side