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Opening Lines by Stoney deGeyter

Writer’s Digest magazine regularly challenges readers to write the opening line of a story based on a visual prompt they provide. Below are the prompts and my entries. Which one do you like best? 


Challenge #127

It was the last meal any of them would remember–the last day they would live to forget.

Final Days

Challenge #124

She looks back fondly on her time spent masquerading as an inferior species, a hint of amusement floating across her face as she watches Earth’s final moments.

Grocery Store

Challenge #116

The combined scent of sugary cereals, crisp crinkling of chip bags, and fogged glass doors encasing my favorite beverages snapped me from my hallucination, knowing that the days of fully-stocked grocery shelves was long past.


Challenge #110

After hearing about all the things that are “better than sex,” Jasmine made the mistake of trying them all at once.

(5th place winner)


Challenge #108

In a world within worlds, Infinity contemplates the poignant beauty of monotonous redundancy.


Challenge #104

My memory was fuzzy, but a little nudge was all it took for the ramifications of last night’s raucous party to become clear.

Mary Poppins

Challenge #100

Having retired into obscurity, enjoying the quiet dignity of old age, Mary Poppins was determined to end the way she began: With a grand spectacle.