We Will Carry the Torch

We Will Carry the Torch

We will carry the torch out on the street
And light up the world with our funky fresh beat
We will tell all the people that are in God’s land
Give your problems to Him, He’ll understand
He wants you to know that He love s you so
It goes straight to the heart like an arrow from a bow

Every place we go we shine the light
The world is complainin’ that it’s too bright
Cover it up is what we’re told
It ain’t too bright (man) we’re just bold
We won’t put a dimmer our light will shimmer
Even if it makes your heart start to quimmer

We’ll shine our light all day and night
Were doin’ what’s right in God’s sight

We got a fresh beat that’ll rock your town
We rock for the One who wears the crown
When we are gone – Heaven’s where we’re goin’
But at this time our lives are over-flowin’
With His power and His precious love
Comin’ to us from Heaven above
If you happen to think we’ll chill and keep quiet
You’re dead wrong ‘cause were on a Holy Diet
Stayin’ away from the things of the flesh
And only takin’ in what’s pure and fresh
Our live are right in God’s sight
We’re gonna rock it to ya as our light shines bright

We will carry the torch
We will lift high the flame and let it shine
We will carry the torch
Jesus paid the price now he is mine

We will carry the torch and light up our world
Tell it to all – hair straight or curled
It doesn’t make a difference who you think you are
‘cause in our lives JC is the star
He give s us instructions of what to do
We ain’t gonna stop until we get through
To your head that god’s word has said
Jesus has risen – No, He ain’t dead

He’s alive and well knockin’ at your heart
Open up the door and make a new start
We tell this to you ‘cause it’s what we do
We rap for God but this rap ain’t through

We’re goin’ way back – hard and strong
Until you know that sin is wrong
To ‘dis the Lord is not a wise choice
but if you listen you will hear His voice
He’ll say “Come to Me, I’ll set you free
“My son died for you – Can’t you see?”

He longs for you to turn your life around
He’ll turn your frown right up-side down
We’ll invade the darkness with our Holy Torch
Enemies of God we will begin to scorch
Our light is free for the world to see
‘Cause without Jesus just what would we be?

We will carry the torch and let it shine bright
So everyone can see it all day and night
We mean business when it comes to the Lord
Our lives are so hyped that we’re never bored
The world which we live is the only Hell we’ll see
But to non-believers it’s the only Heaven that’ll be
but we’ll light up the world as much as we can
To save the world is our goal and plan
We’re gonnna share that Jesus is there
In this ungodly world that’s far from fair

He’s waiting for you just to let Him in
He will cleanse your life from all your sin
Our message is straight not to misunderstand-understand
We’re rappin’ for God – Rockin’ through our land
Every single Christian has a light of their own
Ours is rap as this song has shown
We let our light hit ya straight and forward
‘Cause what we’re tryin’ is t move on toward
The kingdom of God which is set in Heaven
He’s runnin’ our lives with our engines revin’
We’ll be ready to go but not until we show
That we’ve told the world all that we know

We’ll speak out just what we believe
We hope in your life Christ you’ll receive
But until that time our light will shine
And when things get scary we ain’t gonna whine