The Best Damn Website & Ecommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!

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The Best Damn Website & Ecommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!

Stoney deGeyter’s book, The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!, sets high expectations – and does not disappoint.

The website is recognized as one of the most valuable assets of any brand. Optimization is essential to realizing return on investments made in the website as well marketing investments, on – and offline.

Website and eCommerce optimization are complex, everchanging topics that challenge business leaders, website, marketing, IT and design professionals of all levels. Many books have been written on SEO, the default term for website optimization. Yet, few books decipher the technical aspects of optimization and dive into the optimization process the way Stoney does in this book.

The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period! explains how audiences use the internet, then offers specific, actionable steps that optimize the website far beyond the concept of keywords to elevate the website’s ability to serve audiences and deliver results.

Here’s what Industry Leaders are Saying…

This thorough, comprehensive guide is an absolute must-have for any marketer’s library. There’s countless lessons and tips available for every website, regardless of that digital property’s purpose, and it’s delivered in a clear, easy-to-digest fashion. Digital marketers of all skill levels – from grizzled website veterans to fresh-faced newbies – will find something of value here.
— Mordy Oberstein, Liaison to SEO Community, Wix

Where most search optimizers claim success once a visitor has hit the page, deGeyter keeps going. He starts with the end in mind and then takes the reader into the world of page optimization, where visitors become customers, and fortunes are truly made.
— Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist®, Conversion Sciences

It made me happy to see Stoney suggest optimizing pages for your audience and not the search engines. I also appreciate the emphasis on critical thinking. There are a lot of actionable. relevant, and helpful suggestions in The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!. If you are learning SEO, you should check this book out
— Bill Slawski, Director of SEO Research, Go Fish Digital

Don’t even start planning or implementing your website before reading this book! In clear, easy-to-understand language, Stoney details the steps you need to take to ensure the search engines love your site – and so do your visitors!
— David Szetela, Owner and CEO, FMB Media President, Paid Search Association

An accessible guide for beginners and a valuable reference for experienced site owners, The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period! is a solid resource for anyone looking to launch or improve their website.
— George Nguyen, Editor, Search Engine Land

Amazingly simple tips that almost every business forgets to do. This book is worth every penny and then some.
— Joe Pulizzi, 4x Amazon Best-Selling Author including Content Inc. and Epic Content Marketing

In-depth is an understatement. This isn’t some topical “drive-by” attempt to explain website optimization. Stoney addresses the reality that there aren’t “cookie-cutter” solutions for everyone and lays EVERYTHING out in equipping you to weigh your options in order to determine what makes the most sense for your unique website.
— Seth TachickMarketing Director, Blank Shirts, Inc.

Want to know the “how” of driving massive traffic to your site? Stoney is an experienced veteran who breaks down the nuts and bolts of SEO and good web usability. Get this book before your competitors do!
Tim Ash, Keynote Speaker, Marketing Advisor, Bestselling Author of Unleash Your Primal Brain

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