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A Crossed Time

Desperate to prove he’s a better man than his father, Dr. Camden Hill is caught between a dad that abandoned him, a mother who severed emotional ties, a treacherous best friend, and an estranged ex-wife. All of whom have become unwilling partners in saving humanity from certain destruction discovered in a not-too-distant future. It’s an action-packed scientific adventure perfect for fans of Andy Weir’s Martian and Split Second by Douglas E. Richards.

Dead Memories

Dead Memories

5 short stories by 5 authors – 1 premise:

Two characters have amnesia, one dies.

The five authors are part of a small writing group in northeast Ohio. As a challenge, we decided to write our own versions of a story starting with a single premise:

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The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!

Book 1 of Best Damn Books Series

So you want to build a website, or make your current site better? Where do you start? The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period is a comprehensive digital marketing guide that will help any company build or improve their website so that it performs optimally for both search engines and visitors. These web marketing strategies will not only increase your website traffic but improve your entire web presence as well.

The Best Damn Website & Ecommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!

The Best Damn Website & Ecommerce Marketing Guide, Period!

Book 2 of Best Damn Books Series

When it comes to building your online presence there is only one logical place to start: your website. Your website is you. You own it. You control it. Any presence you build outside of your website isn’t yours to keep. It may be a reflection of you, but when the lights go out on any entity you don’t fully own or control, a piece of you disappears with it. This makes your website the most critical part of building a successful and effective web presence.