Hate leaks from lips
its powerful punch poisoning all within its wake.
Wasting weighty words on trivial pursuits.

Love flows from the heart,
soothing lotion pours in caressing rivers,
healing wounds, seeping into souls.

Hate’s army of admirers,
keen to ingratiate themselves, bow and scrape at its feet.
When they hear the battle cry, they charge.

Love listens long,
its gentle voice persuading,
reaching out,
accepting all in its embrace.

Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson

Lily Lawson

Lily Lawson is a poet and writer who has self-published two poetry collections; My Father’s Daughter and A Taste of What’s to Come. She has had poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction published in anthologies and online. Follow Lily on Twitter @lifelovelily22 and here website at lilylawson.com.