The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was a sheep walking the opposite direction from the rest of the herd. Whether its goal was to be knighted, to wander alone, or to merely flow against the grain was irrelevant. Simply that it found the sand to turn and part the sea of flowing, following mindlessness took my breath away, sent a wet tear down my wind-bitten cheek. I wanted to be that sheep, the one of many who found its own way. I blew my dandelion wisps, hoping one would sink into its coat and carry my consciousness inside its pod.

WB Welch

WB Welch is a fiction author who often focuses on the darker side of human emotions striving to write honest fiction with texture. Her publishing credits include THE LAST LETTER, BLOOD DROPS, and “Baby Muncher” in THRICE FICTION. WB holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University. You can find her on Twitter @authorwbwelch or her website: